love for all nations

People have come many nations to make Raleigh their home, either while in college at one of the local universities, or through business or family or governmental connections. We are called by God to make disciples in all nations, so as He brings the nations to our city, we want to reach many with the love of Jesus Christ. 

The Love for All Nations ministry has many different ways of expression:

  • weekly visits to ESL classes at the local community college to get to know people from other nations
  • weekly Sunday School classes to study what God says in the Bible and how to apply it in life
  • frequent fellowship times to talk and practice speaking English
  • monthly luncheons with ESL students and families to share the gift of hospitality and the gift of the Gospel
  • annual Christmas Banquet with ESL students and family participation to celebrate the birth of Jesus and explain the holiday  
  • annual mountain retreat with ESL students and family participation to enjoy God's creation and have time to share God's perspective of life

God is bringing people from many nations to our doorstep, and we want to be faithful to share with them the joy we've found in Christ.