We are a fellowship of the forgiven, whose hearts continue to be transformed each day by the intimate work of the Holy Spirit and the powerful Word of God. We rejoice in and live for the glory of Jesus Christ. The Bible explains that we are changed more and more as we behold His glory, so we look to Jesus and trust Him to heal our hearts as we seek Him and His righteousness. We see that following Jesus does not mean following a list of rules or restrictions, but a lifelong relationship with the Living God to live in adventure in Him, wanting to know Him better and find total satisfaction in Him. Jesus is the Treasure of our hearts, the Savior of our souls, and the Lord of our lives.


There are number of principles, or values, that mark our fellowship. These values express the personality of our love for God. It may be simplistic to try to list, but to fully know Gateway, you need to know what we value.

Let's get started :

  • Grace over works
  • People over programs
  • Mission over buildings
  • Community over cliques
  • Teamwork over ego
  • Bible over the culture
  • Jesus over everything

There are probably more of these we could list, but you get the idea. The whole world needs to hear the Gospel, for God has ordained that men and women from every tribe, nation, and language will gather around His throne to worship Him for eternity.

We need to set aside everything that prevents and limits us from following God's mission with our whole-heart. 

Here's the bottom-line: 

We want to value the same things that God values!