God is so good to provide leaders and shepherds for His people. 

Gateway is served by three elders and one minister of everything!  

preston cheek

Preston Cheek is an elder at Gateway Christian Fellowship and a loving husband to his wife Tia, and a devoted father to his three children, Jennifer, Elisabeth and Tim, and to his two grandsons In addition to teaching on Sunday mornings with a heart to challenge and encourage, Preston dearly loves people from all countries and has invested countless hours teaching and discipling them no matter what nation from which they come. 

Preston is also an active leader and teacher within the King’s Kids North America Organization associated with Youth With A Mission. Preston is a humble and gentle servant leader, who is an unassuming powerful man of God.

greg edgerton

Greg has been an elder at Gateway Christian Fellowship since its inception in May 1987. He and his wife Pat are parents of a beautiful adopted Russian daughter, Anastasia. Greg is an ongoing student and teacher of the Word of God, and it is of great importance to him that Christians be grounded in sound doctrine. He is a faithful trained volunteer within the ESL (English as a Second Language) community, and meets regularly with international students to help them know God.

Greg is known for his playful teasing, but beneath his humorous words, he is a humble man of God who cares deeply about people. No one laughs more readily yet stands more boldly for the Truth.

bill king

An elder at Gateway, Bill is married to Julie, and together they seek to grow in God's grace and love. They have four (all-married) children and seven fantastic grandchildren. Bill graduated from NC State University in Electrical Engineering many years ago, and now serves with Gateway and CrossWave Celebration Arts ministries after retiring from an international telecommunications firm.

Music is a big part of Bill's life, and he enjoys creating music that honors God and encourages people to worship Him. He gives thanks to God for this wonderful privilege and life-giving ministry. And Bill loves young people, having never quite lost that youthful spirit himself!

Mary mclaurin

Mary McLaurin is the Minister of Everything at Gateway Christian Fellowship, passionately serving Jesus through all that she does. One job title could never encompass all of Mary's roles and provides because she serves in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all. In its simplest form, “Mary Loves People” would be her best job description. 

She cares deeply for children and youth and has spent much of her life discipling them through the ministries of King’s Jewels and CrossWave. Whether it is young children, youth, adults or senior citizens, Mary shares the love of Jesus. Mary’s love flows toward heaven when she leads worship with her 12-string guitar, and it reaches around the world as she works with ESL (English as a Second Language) students as a trained volunteer. Her love for the people of many nations is evident as she talks, teaches and travels with them. 

Mary loves to tell stories, meet new people and help them get to know the Lord she loves. It is a standing joke that a list of what Mary does not do and the people she does not know would be far shorter than listing her many accomplishments, acts of service and friends.